Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Harrison LLP, diversity, equity, and inclusion are critically important. 

We understand that different backgrounds produce unique approaches and solutions that benefit our clients in achieving their legal goals.  Additionally, we provide a flexible workplace that enables our talented attorneys to pursue their diverse personal commitments.  We believe diverse and inclusive teams create a stronger organization and produce the best results for our clients.

In cultivating an openness to different ideas and perspectives, we strive to encourage and support our attorneys in activities that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Achieving greater diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of our top goals.

Our strategy:

For more information on our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion initiatives, please contact any member of our steering committee:  Michael CravenElizabeth GarlovskyFran KrasnowRita Luce or Tiffany McKenzie.

Harrison LLP welcomes clients, attorneys, employees, and vendors of all races, genders, ages, languages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, sexual orientations, religious beliefs, educational and socio-economic backgrounds, and marital and family situations.