Harrison LLP

Tax Controversies & Tax Litigation

Our Tax Litigation Attorneys Have Substantive Tax Expertise

Our tax litigation team has substantial experience litigating all types of tax matters in the United States Tax Court, United States District Court, United States Court of Federal Claims, and United States Courts of Appeal throughout the United States. Our tax litigation team zealously represents all types of taxpayers in deficiency, refund, and collection litigation. Our attorneys are more than litigators – we are trial attorneys with a strong blend of both trial and substantive tax expertise.

Representative examples of our tax litigation experience include:

We have significant experience and expertise in all of these techniques. We listen to our clients and help identify goals and objectives, avoid potential pitfalls and develop an innovative and tailor-made succession plan.

Our Tax Controversy Lawyers Work To Resolve All Tax Controversies As Favorably, Efficiently, And Cost-Effectively As Possible.

Our tax controversy team has extensive experience representing taxpayers at all levels of the Internal Revenue Service and before state and local tax agencies. Harrison LLP’s tax controversy team is comprised of attorneys who previously worked extensively for the Internal Revenue Service, and many of the team’s attorneys have CPAs, MBAs, and Masters-In-Law in Taxation. We represent taxpayers in all types of tax disputes, including estate and gift tax, income tax, excise tax, employment tax, sales and use tax, property tax, and all related penalties and interest. The tax controversy team has represented thousands of taxpayers that cut across a wide variety of entity classifications and geographic boundaries. Many of our attorneys are listed in publications such as Leading Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and Chambers.

Our clients in this area include individuals, trusts and estates, publicly and privately held entities, hedge funds, not-for-profit organizations, governmental entities including Indian tribes, and TEFRA partnerships.

Our regular and ongoing services include:

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