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Family Law, Divorce, Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Our Family Law Attorneys represent individuals in domestic relations litigation.

The family law team, with its cross-disciplinary background, regularly drafts premarital and post-nuptial agreements for its select client base. Further, Harrison LLP’s family law litigators have broad courtroom experience, combined with strong financial backgrounds, that provide a special blend of unique skills. Our divorce lawyers use their experience to maximize the best results for the firm’s clients in both negotiated and litigated situations. We have also regularly litigated domestic violence and orders of protection. The family law attorneys at Harrison LLP, utilize a strong mix of aggressive and effective representation, combined with superior accounting and tax backgrounds, to provide the most efficient and effective representation for the firm’s family law clients.

Divorce is invariably difficult. Some divorces, however, are more complicated than others. The process can be stressful and filled with many decisions that have long-term effects.  When complex divorce cases arise, you should seek an experienced divorce lawyer’s insight as soon as you can.

Issues That Make A Divorce Complex

Certain issues and situations can complicate a divorce. When they arise, they often require review and revision until both parties can reach a resolution. If the problems are not resolved, the divorce itself may take longer and cause additional stress for both parties. Some other areas where complex divorce cases occur are:

High-Asset Divorces

One factor that is sure to complicate a divorce is significant marital assets. Not only does the couple need to deal with many decisions that will require an extended timeline, but the divorce can also become contentious. The equitable distribution of property means that each party should receive the assets to which they are entitled.

Hidden Assets In A Complex Divorce

Sometimes, the parties to a divorce do not disclose their assets, properties, and various financial accounts. One spouse can do this by transferring the assets to an account unknown to the other spouse or to another individual. Another way to illegally hide assets is to undervalue the asset or property. 

Specifics Of Hidden Assets

Some specific examples of hidden assets include:

Call Us Today To Speak To An Attorney About Complex Divorce Cases

While divorce is not easy, the addition of complex issues makes it more challenging. That is why having a seasoned complex divorce attorney at your side is essential. Contact us today to protect your rights and your future.

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