Natalie Perry presented at the 2023 AICPA Engage Conference

Harrison LLP Partner Natalie Perry presented at the AICPA Engage Conference on June 5, 7 and 8, 2023.

6/5/2023: Valuation issues in Estate Planning

This session addressed various valuation issues practitioners should be aware of when advising clients on estate planning matters. The discussion included a review of basic valuation principles as well as recent developments.

  • Recognize likely focus areas during an IRS exam
  • Calculate taxpayer penalties for overstated asset valuation
  • Identify necessary components for a qualified appraisal
  • Explain the more comment types of valuation discounts
  • Understand defined value clause transfers

6/7/2023: Speed Round-SECURE in Small Bites

Four topics related to recent changes in retirement plans and their distributions.

  • Recognize opportunities for clients to maximize retirement wealth
  • Determine planning strategies to make the most of SECURE provisions
  • Identify the changes brought by SECURE that affect your clients

6/8/2023: What to do when a client dies? A consolidated case study

We walked through a case study and reviewed the process and steps to take when a client dies. We covered the more practical aspects of the process as well as the more complex tax planning and elections that can be made at death.

  • Understand what actions may need to be taken.
  • Understand how to advise client’s family or advisors when a client dies.