Harrison LLP

Private Wealth Services

Harrison & Held, LLP, was established originally as a boutique firm for private wealth services. In keeping with that tradition, more than half of our attorneys practice in private wealth services. Most of the other attorneys in the firm practice in fields that are often necessary to meet all of the legal needs of our private wealth clients. Those clients thus find access to the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge they need.

The Private Wealth Services group focuses on the unique needs of high net worth individuals, family offices, closely-held businesses, charitable organizations, and corporate fiduciaries. We bring to these clients years of experience we garnered from the area’s largest and most prestigious law firms and from highly successful boutique firms.

Our Private Wealth Services group is widely regarded as a national leader in private wealth matters. U.S. News and World Report have ranked our practice among the top 15 in Chicago and among the top 120 in the nation. Individual attorneys in the group have been recognized for their expertise by several organizations that rely on recommendations from their peers in our practice area. Accordingly, in the Private Wealth Services Group, you will find:

  • Three partners listed in the book, Best Lawyers in America;
  • Nine partners who are Fellows of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, the nation’s premier organization for top private wealth services attorneys;
  • Seven partners who have been selected as Illinois “Super Lawyers” by the Chicago Tribune; and
  • Fourteen attorneys selected as “Leading Lawyers in Illinois.”

The attorneys in Private Wealth Services can provide our clients with creative, innovative solutions tailored to their own sensitive problems through efficient and attentive representation.

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Our Private Wealth Services Professionals

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