Harrison & Held Attorneys To Present At IICLE’s 65th Annual Estate Planning Short Course

Five Harrison & Held Attorneys will be presenting in IICLE’s 65th Annual Estate Planning Short Course. This annual program is the pinnacle of estate planning education for Illinois attorneys. Offering more than 18 hours of in-depth education on issues of relevance and importance to attorneys across the state. Harrison & Held attorneys, Natalie PerryShawn McCulloughSarah  BarnesThomas Hamill, and Madeleine Minton will all be presenting on various topics throughout the program, see detailed descriptions of each session listed below.


Proactive Planning For Potential Disputes In Family Business Succession Planning

We are in the midst of the largest inter-generational transfer of wealth than at any other time in history.  In this session, we will identify and explore the various issues that arise in planning for the transition of a family business from the senior generation to the family members who are next in line.  Many of these challenges are ones that may not have been faced by previous generations, simply due to changes in societal norms.  By anticipating and planning for these potential issues, you will be better able to serve your family business clients.

Presented by:

Natalie M. Perry, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago


Multistate Jurisdiction Over Trustees & Beneficiaries

Discuss legal and practical concerns relating to the determination of an Illinois court’s jurisdiction over out-of-state trust property, trustees, and beneficiaries.  Topics will include the distinction between, and necessity for, in rem and in personam jurisdiction, relevant statutes and constitutional law.  Practical solutions, pitfalls and the Illinois Trust Code will be discussed.

Presented by:

Shawn McCullough, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago


Third-Party Claims Against Decedents Under The Illinois Trust Code

What happens to claims made against a decedent’s estate when probate is not open, but the decedent had a fully funded revocable trust?  Can creditors reach the assets of the revocable trust and what is the process from both the creditor’s perspective and the estate’s perspective? Get an in-depth look at applicable provisions of Article 5 of the Illinois Trust Code, and how to properly evaluate different types of claims against the decedent’s estate and trust.

Presented by:

Sarah M. Barnes, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago

Thomas G. Hamill, Harrison & Held, LLP, Springfield

Firm Succession Planning – Practical Tips For Professionally Preparing Your Practice For Life’s Planned And Unplanned Transitions

As estate planners we help our clients prepare for death but often fail to think about our own legal practices and firms as an asset that deserves planning. In our session, we will address the importance of creating a firm succession plan (and the professional responsibility to do so) as well as planning for other transitions including attorney leave (whether caused by happy or unhappy circumstances), sale of practices, and attorney transitions to new firms. We will examine a case study of a firm where decedent lawyer did not have a succession plan (and the resulting headaches and heartaches) and give practical suggestions for attendees including sample language to consider adding to firm engagement letters, internal policies and practical guides for succession planning, and provide attendees a succession plan template that can be adapted to fit the transition circumstances.

Presented by:

Madeleine J. Minton, Harrison & Held, LLP, Chicago


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